So, we are past the peak, which is great news. 

Some leaders will recognise the feeling of getting over the ‘peak’ or hitting a goal. That sense of achievement is what you have been driving for and now you have it, the question is what next?”. A question that Boris Johnson is constantly asked. 

But as a leader, are you asking yourself what your exit plan is or are you asking yourself……..what is the next plan?  

The word exit in recent times has had a negative connotation. Should we be looking forward to what the future holds, with an appreciation of what we have gone through and will continue to do so, and looking at what comes next? 

Many leaders will have many different strategies right now, be it business survival, renewed customer focus or growth, etc.. Many leaders will also have spent the last few weeks reviewing that strategy depending on their customers and their markets. 

So, whilst there will be many different strategies emerging now as they look forward, NOT to an exit plan, there is one question we believe that they all face, regardless of their plan. 

Do you and your team of people have the capability to deliver this forward looking plan? 

These are just 3 of many questions that all leaders will face.  

If you have done the right things by your people and your teams then you will be rewarded by lots of discretionary effort, which is great. It is when you match this discretionary effort with the capability (knowledge, skills and behaviours) then you will be in a great space for whatever is next for you, your customers and your business. 

Passing the peak, or attaining that goal, requires lots of effort and of course, this cannot be done without recognising the people who helped you along the way. 

Setting them up for the next plan, the forward-looking plan, with the right knowledge, the new skills and behaviours to take you to wherever you need to go, can be rewarding for them. 

What we do know is that doing nothing is not an option right now. At On Track, we believe people love to learn. Learning will form a huge part of your next plan 


If you are interested in how we can help you understand the capability that is required to drive your next plan, please contact us.