To recognise International Women’s Day 2020, I wanted to share a photo of 4 amazing women in my life. Of course, many people will quite rightly recognise famous women who have done amazing things or had great influence over the years. Whilst the 4 ladies in my photo aren’t famous, they do span a few generations and they all have massive influence on me.

There is my 91 year mother Connie, Hannah, my eldest daughter, who is setting the dance world on fire, Holly , who plans to do amazing things in the world of sport and nutrition and my youngest daughter Ruby who is just great.

They are all unique but have many things in common.
I do believe that many leaders could learn lots from all of them.
They each have a desire to achieve great things; they have clear goals, an appetite to understand data and a mindset that tackles problems and that’s just my 91 yr old mother!

Many leaders could take a leaf from her book when it comes to the way she listens to other people, the way she pays attention to what you are saying and also what you are not saying. She remains curious to learn from her granddaughters, always remaining open minded to what she hears, no judgement, no hidden agendas and of course always providing those gems of wisdom. She is caring and challenging, she holds you accountable for what you said you would do and is always the first to share your successes with anyone who cares to listen.

What leader wouldn’t want to have those qualities?

Sometimes you ask her a question but get a different answer to the one you expected…
“ Grandma, how old are you? “ Ruby asked a couple of years ago
“ Well depends how you look at it “ she replied “ I’m as old as my tongue and a bit older than my teeth”.

I genuinely believe that she would add value to any board meeting or strategy planning day in any organisation. She keeps things simple and asks those questions that other people are thinking but dare not ask.

So what leadership qualities can you learn from your mother? Or what leadership qualities do you admire in the women you hold in high esteem?

Don, Leadership Consultant at On Track Learning