Unless you’ve had your head in the sand over the last few weeks, you will be increasingly aware of the impact the coronavirus is having on companies.
This is a telling time for many leaders, when many of their people look to them for reassurance, support and guidance.
Here at On Track Learning, it gives us the opportunity to look at the different cultures our clients have, and the impact of the work we have being doing with them. Some have bigger challenges than others, from @Reallifeoptions supporting people who are vulnerable, to operational challenges of @Airnavigationsolutions where self isolating doesn’t help planes to land. We are seeing each of them react in different ways, each best suited to their own needs as businesses.

And we are seeing what great leaders have in common….

Right attitude – we can deal with this
Many of the leaders we work with display the right attitude to deal with the situations they face. We are not talking positive attitude here, but the right attitude. Know someone who is constantly positive? I’m afraid to say it, they can be draining at times in the same way that people who are constantly negative can be draining. Having the right attitude, one that doesn’t live in denial of the situation, but equaling one that isn’t paralyzed by what they are faced.

Strong connections and collaboration
The chance to collaborate usually comes from two sources, an opportunity or a crisis. We are seeing leaders pull on their networks and strong relationships right now. Working together, challenging each other, sharing resources or insight is what great leaders are role modelling.

Sense of community – virtually
Regardless of being in the same office or working remotely, the sense of being together is something we are seeing being a focus of many leaders. Keeping people connected whilst working remotely, ensuring people are consulted or informed is vital.

So my questions to you are:
What attitude are you displaying now? What impact is this having on the people that look to you for leadership?
Who are you collaborating with now ? How will you protect those relationships?
How would you describe your sense of connectedness within your organisation?

Finally, in 3 or 6 months time, or however long it takes, how will you look back and say this is how I was as a leader…

Don Kersley – Leadership Consultant