We have been busy in the studio developing more and more Interactive Videos – all truly bespoke to a client’s needs.

We love the current trend to re-engage a learning audience who have been bored by  e-learning modules. We are making online learning that is more expressive, more memorable, more human and therefore more effective. One human learning from another….who would have thought it!!

Add to that a context and delivery that feels in house and relevant to the employee that they interact with to review up to date documents, models, news and views in an extremely cost effective way . It is proving to be a winner.

There is a place for the workshop, for the workbook and of course for e-learning along with all other learning media. But glueing all this together leaves a void that can be filled with a human interaction, guiding the way as you would in a workshop – and we not only create these bespoke for our clients but we do it in a way which is hitting the spot.

If your business has people in it who sag at the thought of their annual mandatory learning, or are numb to the same old monthly memo or newsletter, then you should get in touch to see how you can invest a little to gain a lot.

Here is an example of a skill drill we did recently for a new client. We produced a 90 second video to simply point the employee to some useful, free to use online content, saving the client time and money in the development of the bespoke learning:-

And you can embed the video the same way we have done here, so it is easy to access.

If you want to know more drop us a line.