On Track Learning

Title: Founder 

What is Important to me?

Happiness – my glass is always half full (if not a little more) and what I do at home and work gives me something to smile about.

Honesty – If you are straight with people you have every right to expect them to be straight with you – but be honest in a skilled way, otherwise you upset people. 

KISS – People in business make things sound complicated and intricate when quite often it isn’t, so as my first training manager told me, Keep It Simple and Straightforward and that has worked for me. 

Title: Operations Director

What Is Important To Me?

Passion – I’m passionate about what I do at work and at home. I love to see and develop passion in others.

Customer Service – Don’t just say you offer great customer service, actually do it!

Time to Reflect – look at a project or piece of work and analyse what worked and what didn’t. 

Learning – I look to learn from my mistakes and successes. 

Title: Leadership Director

What Is Important To Me?

It is my commitment to help continue to make On Track Learning a wonderful Company to work for and enable the team to have the space to create fantastic learning that is relevant and memorable for our learners. 

I love to see people take themselves on and develop!

My wife, 3 kids and Brighton Hove Albion Football club are also pretty important to me!

Title: Leadership Development Expert

What Is Important To Me?

Smiling – Even when times are hard.

Trust and Collaboration – When it really matters I take what i do serious but I don’t take myself serious.

Keeping Things Simple – The world can be a complicated place at times. 

Title: Learning Support Manager

What Is Important To Me?

Good Manners.

Respecting my colleagues and being treated fairly.

Bringing 100% to my job role, everyday.

My “can do” attitude.

Title: Learning Support Manager

What Is Important To Me?

Happiness – Love the life you live.

Team Player – The stronger the team, more that can be achieved.

Communication – Key to individual and an organisation’s success. 

Title: Learning Creator

What Is Important To Me?

Doing my best and having pride in my work.

Being appreciated and getting good feedback for a job well done.

Having fun at work and with my team.

Good grammar and spelling.

Title: Learning Creator

What Is Important To Me?

Honesty – It is always important to be honest.

Manners – Using manners is always important as “Manners Maketh Man”.

Enjoying Work – I like to enjoy the work that I am doing.

Being Knowledgeable – Knowing about a lot of different things.

Title: Learning Creator

What Is Important To Me?

Positivity – I prefer to work and live in a positive environment where the glass is always half full.

Team Work – A strong team, where everyone is pulling in the same direction and working together is a team I want to be part of.

Learning new skills through different experiences and through internal and external feedback

Title: Learning Creator

What Is Important To Me?

Positivity – I like to be in a positive environment both at work and not.

Balance – Having a healthy work/life balance.

Getting positive feedback when I have done something well.

Honesty – I always want people to be honest with me no matter what it is and I will do the same.

Title: Learning & Development Facilitator

What Is Important To Me?

Being Happy.

Good positive relationships.

Healthy work/life balance.

Honesty (tell me how it is).

Openness (What you see is what you get).

Job satisfaction.

Regular coffee break.

Title: Learning & Development Facilitator

What Is Important To Me?

Happiness – It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. Laughter in my eyes is the best medicine, that and a cup of tea.

Kindness – I always follow what Princess Diana said “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of a reward. Safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you”. 

Doing a good job – Everyday is a learning day, so make the most of everyday. I take ownership of my work, which could be anything from making mistakes and learning from them, to performing well within my role and owning it. 

Helping people – I take immense pride in helping people learn something new or just help them with everyday activities. It gives me a sense of happiness and wellbeing.