Making the step to bring software into your business to support learning and development has been described like walking into a minefield. Everything looks good but once you scrape under the skin you are faced with issues and challenges that can ultimately end up in a compromise for either the learner or the business.

We have worked with a variety of Learning Management Systems for our customers and have most recently developed over 600 pages of content onto a system known as Kokm. In this case our client, who operates across the UK, needed a solution to create and share learning, allow collaboration and introduce a catch all for business documentation.

 Whilst out of the box Kokm met the immediate needs, what stands out for me as we developed the content is the way Bev, Martin and David at Kokm have worked so closely with us in order to tailor the solution in as many ways as possible. At no point in the creation of the content have we met with an idea that couldn’t be developed or configured, meaning that ultimately the solution appears to be almost bespoke.

This isn’t just the user side of Kokm either. The gang at Kokm’s first step was to ensure that the administrative side was structured and labelled in such a way that Kokm quickly began to feel like an internally developed system.

Once the initial set up and training was done we started adding a variety of content, transferring the learning that existed in files and folders across in a way that engaged the learner and was easy to access. As we developed the content we had our hand held by David at Kokm who ensured that as our thinking and needs developed so did Kokm. Even where there was a constraint which we initially considered to be a thorn in the side – David would go away, having fully understood the requirement, and return with a solution (and in many cases a better approach) to what we were trying to achieve using elements of Kokm we just hadn’t considered.

At the time of writing this the software and solutions are being tested by a small number of users so we can fine tune before a full UK launch. In doing this we are stood shoulder to shoulder with Kokm who are ensuring that they are on hand to address anything that crops up.

Given the investment I believe this level of support is phenomenal.

Whilst it is easy with any new software to become annoyed and frustrated as you start to use it, and I must admit at one point I did think that it could not achieve everything we hoped, this feeling quickly melts away as the team at Kokm wrap their arms around you and not only show you how to make life easier but actively get involved in demonstrating how.

At one point my 11 yr old daughter asked if she could help me at work and I gave her access to Kokm to test a solution I had developed. She logged on, found the solution, completed it and logged off without help from me .
That is a big tick for the intuitive nature of Kokm for the end user.

We recommend it – take a look here – Kokm.