Does your business actually need training?

Perhaps you have noticed that some things aren’t working as effectively as they should? Maybe some of your employees seem to be de-motivated? Whatever the reason, you may be thinking that something needs to change and training your employees more / better could be the answer.

Before jumping into solution mode, it would be good practice to start by exploring the learning requirements you have.

Here are some key considerations when thinking about the issues:-

What is the performance issue as you see it?

Who is involved?

Describe who is involved.

What are they doing now?

Describe what you want them to be able to do.

Identify Causes of the Gap

Qualify the value of the gap (What would be the effect of doing nothing?)

Generate solution ideas

Some hints when considering performance improvement for individuals or teams

Do they lack… knowledge and skills?

Can we make the task easier?

Were they once able to do it?

Have they got the capability to learn how to do this?

Do they lack… motivation?

Do they get insufficient feedback on performance?

If they do it right, do they suffer e.g. by being given more work?

If they do it wrong, do they benefit e.g. by being left alone?

Does it really matter to them?

Is there fear of failure?

Do workers lack self-esteem

Problems with…their environment?

Is there anything wrong with their environment, methods, equipment?

Are managers playing their part in helping people to perform?

Are stress levels high?

At On Track Learning we are skilled at doing this and have done so effectively for a number of our clients.

However, it may be worth you having a go yourself; if this is you, we do have a template which could be beneficial for you to use below.

Exploring Learning Requirements