I was listening to BBC Radio 5 Live this morning where Laura Whitmore was discussing the balance of female artists at festivals and the stand that The 1975 have taken to demonstrate their support:

“The 1975 will no longer play festivals that have too few female artists on the bill, singer Matty Healy has pledged.”


What stood out for me was when a guest stated that no-one wants to be put on the bill for the sake of it. Another guest even went on to state, “there will be men out there thinking that if they (female artists) were good enough, they would get booked.” This is what International Women’s Day is all about, celebrating the females who have broken through despite the attitudes of others, and putting those attitudes on display.

We have an equal split of males and females in our business, but not due to our policy, but because we worked hard to find the right person for each role. In doing this, Paul and I challenged each other’s attitudes and beliefs, that hard wiring that steers us along, to make sure they would serve us well.

Having Alison, Vic, Rachel, Lainey and Tina on the team did not address a gender balance for us but created a high performing team full of happy and highly skilled people, both male and female, and I hope the awareness created by International Women’s Day 2020 will help others benefit in the same way.

Andy – founder of On Track Learning.