It is fantastic to work with clients who are continually growing and therefore requiring a dynamic approach to meeting their ever changing need to deliver Induction and ongoing development.

Our efforts are currently focussed on a client who has taken the leap to move their learning into the digital world, and make use of a Learning Management System.

Whilst this brings a world of convenience to a business that is spread across the UK – it brings a challenge to one whose learning materials are largely printed.

In keeping with our values we are helping to not simply move the materials on line but also redevelop them so that they still offer customer focussed activities in an engaging way and stay true to the quality that they were originally produced in.

Moving online doesn’t mean buying e-learning. It means calling on all the free media that we can use to help someone learn and saving it somewhere they can access it easily.

So that is what we are doing, and loving every minute of it!


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