Management and Leadership

The challenges that managers and leaders face today are ever-growing and changing. We recognise that all manager’s and leader’s development needs are different and providing the right development is key.

We have worked with managers and leaders across the globe, identifying their needs and that of the business and industry they work in.

From emerging talent to C Suite, we have designed learning that follows our wider approach, learning that is unique to you, a blended approach that is highly effective and easy to access. We don’t do off the shelf!

•We provide a range of psychometric profiles that provide great insight – Strengths Profile and Hogan Assessments

•We provide individual or team coaching – an accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation ( ICF )

•We provide consultancy to focus on your unique challenges or opportunities to develop your leaders

•Our learning is a blend of face to face and online, all of which is easily accessible.

Examples of what we have done with our clients.

•A 12-month management development programme for first-level managers in the care sector. Aimed at harnessing their desire to do right by the people they serve and drawing on this to develop the people they lead

•3-year Future Leader programme, for graduates who entered the Financial Services industry. This was a global programme and used senior leaders in the business to mentor, alongside regular facilitated webinars ( WeBEX)

•6 module programme for senior leaders in the care sector, helping them transition through a period of change and Organisational flux to one of growth and empowerment

•12-month programme for leaders within the Air Traffic industry focusing on their individual strengths and how to create highly effective teams.

Have we said we don’t do off the shelf? We don’t. We work with you to understand your needs. Whatever the situation, we look at what is in front of us and make the right recommendation for you. It could be a 3-year programme or it could be a simple tweak of some great work you are already doing.