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our approach

Step one

Every task needs a starting point and you are ours! We provide you with a fully hosted and administrated Learning Site.

Step two

We then develop your stories with your characters that reflect people in your business doing what they do, wherever they do it. 

Step three

We blend the stories and characters using our accelerated design process which means your learning is totally tailored to you and your employees. 

Step four

We support the learners by engaging and motivating them to keep on learning. Even the evidence we capture to prove it is working is based on reflective scenarios and not just multi choice quizzes!

Step five

Finally, we provide you with the information you need to demonstrate how the learning has provided a return on your investment.

our range of topics

Compliance and Mandatory

Compliance & Mandatory courses ensure that your employees and therefore business acts responsibly and mitigates risk.

Personal Development

Personal Development courses support the ongoing growth of all your employees and work for all roles at all levels. ​

Management and Leadership

Management & Leadership courses will help those in positions of influence and control to set and meet the strategy of your business.

Sales Skills

Sales Skills courses are aimed at those people in your business who ensure your customers and clients are getting the products and services they need.

Customer Service

Customer Service courses are essential to ensure your employees provide the experience your customers expect, regardless of which channel the customer reached out to you through.

"I personally found On Track Learning to be effective through insightful questioning and spending time with key stakeholders, the outcome was that we jointly developed a simple but highly effective Learning & Development strategy."
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