On Track Learning

We are a Learning and Development consultancy at heart. We believe everyone loves to learn. We see it as our mission to nurture that love. We do this by…
+  Understanding our client’s problems and help solve them through learning
+  Creating bespoke solutions that truly make a difference and have an impact, such as Leadership development
+  We can also provide our clients with a 140+ story based courses covering a range of topics, including compliance, which are relevant and in context
+  We ensure these courses are easy to access by the learner and fully managed by us (making it easy for you too!) by hosting them online
+  We take this foundation of courses and build tailored blended learning programmes to ensure the learning can be applied
We take pride in developing innovative solutions that save our clients time and money, such as our Mobile Training Unit that helps people save lives.

We work with companies such as yours, that need to provide online training courses to high numbers of individual employees.

The courses are built around scenarios based on characters which allow your employees to apply the learning easily.

We can make the learning even more relevant by tailoring the scenarios to your specific business.

We provide you with a learning platform full of courses that are already built and ready for you to use from day one.

We manage your learning platform and support your employees by being your learning administrators.

We can also develop any bespoke courses and provide you with blended learning programmes as required.

% of learners would recommend our courses to their colleagues
happy learners completed a range of different topics
courses completed so far without a cost per course overhead

Courses that do the job

Your courses will be based on people going about their daily lives

Your courses have clearly evaluated learning outcomes and contain a range of different media, including video and audio

Your employees are faced with scenarios where they need to apply the 
learning in real situations, such as spotting modern slavery or 
avoiding a data breach
Your employees will be asked to make decisions throughout to demonstrate
they know what to do and when to do it

This makes the learning easy to apply and understand, creating greater recall and impact for your employees

our range of topics

Compliance and Mandatory

Compliance & Mandatory courses ensure that your employees and therefore business acts responsibly and mitigates risk.

Personal Development

Personal Development courses support the ongoing growth of all your employees and work for all roles at all levels. ​

Management and Leadership

Management & Leadership courses will help those in positions of influence and control to set and meet the strategy of your business.

Sales Skills

Sales Skills courses are aimed at those people in your business who ensure your customers and clients are getting the products and services they need.

Customer Service

Customer Service courses are essential to ensure your employees provide the experience your customers expect, regardless of which channel the customer reached out to you through.

"I personally found On Track Learning to be effective through insightful questioning and spending time with key stakeholders, the outcome was that we jointly developed a simple but highly effective Learning & Development strategy."
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