Developing Interactive Media

One of our customers wanted their new employees to be engaged in their Induction before their first day on the premises.

By using Touchcast on our iPad in front of our trusty green screen we’ve produced seven, fully interactive touch screen videos covering:-

  • Welcome
  • Fire Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Safeguarding
  • Data Protection
  • ICT Awareness
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Each video is less than 20 minutes long and contains live web links and embedded information for the employees to explore  along with online scenario reviews for them to reflect on what they have learned.

The beauty of using this type of technology was the speed and ease at which we could produce professional and bespoke content. By keeping costs down and content relevant we have helped the customer halve the time spent in the classroom without losing the personality in delivery and the relevance of the topics to the audience and their new role.

Learning must be in context, relevant and easy to access and we believe that for this customer this is a very positive step in the direction of digital learning.


Kokm – so much more than an LMS

Making the step to bring software into your business to support learning and development has been described like walking into a minefield. Everything looks good but once you scrape under the skin you are faced with issues and challenges that can ultimately end up in a compromise for either the learner or the business.

We have worked with a variety of Learning Management Systems for our customers and have most recently developed over 600 pages of content onto a system known as Kokm. In this case our client, who operates across the UK, needed a solution to create and share learning, allow collaboration and introduce a catch all for business documentation.

 Whilst out of the box Kokm met the immediate needs, what stands out for me as we developed the content is the way Bev, Martin and David at Kokm have worked so closely with us in order to tailor the solution in as many ways as possible. At no point in the creation of the content have we met with an idea that couldn’t be developed or configured, meaning that ultimately the solution appears to be almost bespoke.

This isn’t just the user side of Kokm either. The gang at Kokm’s first step was to ensure that the administrative side was structured and labelled in such a way that Kokm quickly began to feel like an internally developed system.

Once the initial set up and training was done we started adding a variety of content, transferring the learning that existed in files and folders across in a way that engaged the learner and was easy to access. As we developed the content we had our hand held by David at Kokm who ensured that as our thinking and needs developed so did Kokm. Even where there was a constraint which we initially considered to be a thorn in the side – David would go away, having fully understood the requirement, and return with a solution (and in many cases a better approach) to what we were trying to achieve using elements of Kokm we just hadn’t considered.

At the time of writing this the software and solutions are being tested by a small number of users so we can fine tune before a full UK launch. In doing this we are stood shoulder to shoulder with Kokm who are ensuring that they are on hand to address anything that crops up.

Given the investment I believe this level of support is phenomenal.

Whilst it is easy with any new software to become annoyed and frustrated as you start to use it, and I must admit at one point I did think that it could not achieve everything we hoped, this feeling quickly melts away as the team at Kokm wrap their arms around you and not only show you how to make life easier but actively get involved in demonstrating how.

At one point my 11 yr old daughter asked if she could help me at work and I gave her access to Kokm to test a solution I had developed. She logged on, found the solution, completed it and logged off without help from me .
That is a big tick for the intuitive nature of Kokm for the end user.

We recommend it – take a look here – Kokm.


The Change Equation

Everyday is a school day and last week I was reminded of such a day when I realised that what I had learnt has grown legs and started running.

Let me take you back to the beginning of 2016 when Nigel and I were challenged with supporting a sales transformation project for a multi national financial services firm. We worked with the customer’s management team to decide what needed to be done, how it could be delivered and supported and agreed upon a robust plan.

As the change was rolled out across the UK we recognised that it needed a little something extra. All the ingredients were added but there must have been a little spice missing from the list.

Then, during a workshop in London, as the clouds threatened snow, Nigel wrote on a flip chart……

D x V x F > R

We thanked him for his impression of Carol Vorderman and wondered why he was still standing at the flip chart with a smile on his face.

It turns out that Nigel had been reflecting on the missing ingredient and recalled this great Change Equation by Beckhard and Harris. He went on to enlighten us, in a Vorderman style that for any long lasting change to happen. The equation says:

Dissatisfaction x Vision x First Steps > Resistance

In other words an individual’s dissatisfaction of their current state and their vision of a future state and their knowledge of the first steps to take MUST outweigh any personal resistance they may have to retain the status quo.

It appeared that this spice was the one that was to give Nigel a Michelin Star!

The equation was grabbed by the learners and immediately applied, not only to the workshop and therefore the sales transformation, but to areas of their personal lives too.

What became quickly apparent from the group was how easily this equation can be understood and transferred to other areas in order to assist in any transformation, as well as being used individually.

Now we are in 2017 and the sales transformation is moving on to the next stage and we were reflecting on what impact the change equation made. Nigel then shared this model with me:

His thinking has clearly moved on and as you can see, the equation really has grown legs and started running, but the great thing is that the simplicity of the equation matched with Nigel’s practical use of it has made it something that literally does what it sets out to achieve.

A Change Equation that created change.

Although the equation can stand alone, like all equations, once you figure out the variables it becomes a very, very tangible thing.


Bespoke Customer Service Academy

It is fantastic to work with clients who are continually growing and therefore requiring a dynamic approach to meeting their ever changing need to deliver Induction and ongoing development.

Our efforts are currently focussed on a client who has taken the leap to move their learning into the digital world, and make use of a Learning Management System.

Whilst this brings a world of convenience to a business that is spread across the UK – it brings a challenge to one whose learning materials are largely printed.

In keeping with our values we are helping to not simply move the materials on line but also redevelop them so that they still offer customer focussed activities in an engaging way and stay true to the quality that they were originally produced in.

Moving online doesn’t mean buying e-learning. It means calling on all the free media that we can use to help someone learn and saving it somewhere they can access it easily.

So that is what we are doing, and loving every minute of it!


Updated site

Things move fast in the world of technology and our old website seemed a bit stuck in the mud.

Whilst it could flash and move about a bit, for all the fluffy stuff it wasn’t easy to update – and I spend my time developing and consulting on a client’s learning needs – not translating a html editor.

So here is the new website.

Simple, functional, and like the way we develop our materials – doing the job it is meant to be doing.